Dec 3: ‘Dostoevsky Behind Bars’ makes its way back to Madison

At this past Wisconsin Film Festival, Marc Kornblatt won a Golden Badger Award for Dostoevsky Behind Bars, a documentary about the Oakhill Prison Humanities Project that provides Oregon’s correctional institution with free non-credit classes in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin.

Now, the Oakhill Project is bringing the film back to UW with a free joint presentation of the film at the Union South Marquee on Wednesday, December 3.

In documenting the project’s education efforts, Kornblatt shows footage of inmate participants painting, drawing, and like the film’s title implies, reading with glimpses of vocational training in construction and horticulture to boot. Dostoevksy is quaint in its scope but it’s a perspective of optimism and one proliferated by its intimate portraiture.

In the months since its Madison premiere, Dostoevksy has played film festivals in Philadelphia and Kansas. Kornblatt, a Madison filmmaker, who’s already made a name for himself in previous Wisconsin Film Festivals with projects about Little Free Libraries and the Street Pulse cooperative newspaper, will personally present his film alongside several project instructors.