“The State of State Cinema” & something a little different

State of the State Cinema

For “LakeFrontRow Cinema” in Mar, we’re trying something new — and we want to hear from you

Here at LakeFrontRow, we’ve spent the better part of four years covering Wisconsin filmmakers to bring audiences closer to those artists and their work. The “LakeFrontRow Cinema” program between LakeFrontRow and the Madison Library was created with this express mission in mind.

Next month’s “LakeFrontRow Cinema” will attempt something a little different: a panel discussion at the Central Library on Wed, Mar 22. We’ll announce our panelists later this month and we promise to screen a few surprise projects, but our goal is to bring together artists, film institutions like the Wisconsin Film Festival, and the general public in the hopes of further bridging the gap between the audience and the art that’s created around the state.

Before our panel discussion though, we’re reaching out directly to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a reader, a filmmaker, a supporter of local arts, or all of the above. What do you like about the current “state of state cinema?” What would you like to see improve? We’re interested in hearing from you, either via Google Forms or sending an email to lakefrontrow@gmail.com. We’ll use your feedback to foster our discussion in Mar, and all responses will be anonymous.

If this all sounds a little familiar, good. Like so many vital conversations Madison is having about its artists and they spaces they share, we see this as a critical opportunity. It’s an opportunity for artists — documentarians, video artists, feature filmmakers, etc. — to work toward developing constructive, transparent engagement with the broader community. It’s also an opportunity for us to do our jobs better and most importantly, it’s an opportunity to continue spreading the word about exciting stuff in Wisconsin.