Revisit director John Mitchell’s travels with this ‘Cheeseheads’ road map

For Cheeseheads, documentarian John Mitchell traveled to hundreds of locations in the state. Yes, that many. An exhaustive list of stops on the way to Mitchell crystallizing his industrious philosophy on Wisconsin living isn’t terribly exciting, but the road map he kept from his travels is a different story.

From La Pointe to Little Chute, Spooner to Spring Green, Mitchell not only tracked each and every one of his filming locations; he traced his driving routes, too. For a project so earnest and loving — after all, this is a film whose beginning digs up family photos with matching Packers jackets — a handmarked travel guide can only add to the personal eccentricities.

Peruse all of John Mitchell’s pit stops below before we screen Cheeseheads on Wed, Aug 31┬áin Rm 302 of the Central Madison Library. And if you’re still curious to see that list, you can ask him in person when he donates a copy of his documentary to the Madison Public Library catalog.

Cheeseheads movie map