Mar 26: LakeFrontRow presents ‘Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff’

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Milwaukee’s 371 Productions have spent the last few years complementing their modestly-sized productions with equally modest subjects, highlighting under-served populations and overlooked social slices. The Last Jews of America examines the Jewish populations still thriving in America’s small towns. Their “Precious Lives” radio program documents stories of youth and gun violence in collaboration with media partners like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and WUWM. Penelope, a forthcoming project for PBS, looks on as a nursing home rewrites Homer’s Odyssey from the perspective of Odysseus’ wife.

With their documentary Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff, 371 explores the controversial open pit mining proposals in Ashland and Iron County. From the Gogebic Taconite company to Wisconsin’s Bad River Band tribe, the film presents rabid debate and struggle over the state’s Penokee Hills region. Conservationist and private interest groups have battled for decades over the balance between environmental destruction and job creation in America, and Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff explores that ongoing fight in the state’s own backyard.

Recent events have forestalled the mine’s progress, but the environmental impact of future projects on the horizon continues to cast a shadow over the region, recasting the subject matter in a new light. After premiering on Al Jazeera’s “Fault Lines” program last year, Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff, presented courtesy of LakeFrontRow and the Madison Public Library’s Central Cinema program, will screen at the Central Madison Library in Rm 302 on Thursday, March 26 at 6:30p. 371 Producer Devon Cupery and Dave Blouin, State Mining Committee Chair for the Sierra Club, will appear in person for a Q&A following the film.

  • LakeFrontRow Cinema presents Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff at 6:30p on Thursday, March 26. Like all “Central Cinema” events, this FREE screening is in Rm 302 of the Central Madison Library (201 West Mifflin St.) and open to the public.