May 28: LakeFrontRow Cinema spotlights the best of UW, again

Difficult Sofia Snow 1

Last May’s student filmmaker showcase drew the biggest crowd out of any LakeFrontRow Cinema event. In fact, the screening was such a hit that we’re pairing up with Madison-based video artist and filmmaker Aaron Granat again to present the latest and greatest from UW’’s filmmakers.

On Thursday May 28 at the Central Library, the immense talent of Wisconsin’’s undergraduate and graduate film students and instructors will be on full display. From independent projects to expanded production exercises, experimental to narrative to music video, this showcase spans a variety of genres and artistic styles.

Among the evening’s selections are two avant-garde pieces from UW-Madison instructor and Wisconsin Film Festival programmer John Powers; “Difficult,” a sensual Rorschach test of a music video from Nina Ham and Madison artist and musician Sofia Snow; and White and Lazy, a hilarious short film work-in-progress screener from Wisconsin undergrad James Runde that channels Jim Jarmusch and Richard Linklater through a punk rock aesthetic.

Like all of our events, a number of filmmakers will be on hand to discuss their work in person. The fun begins in Rm 302 at 6:30p, and admission is FREE.