The Oshkosh Horror Festival may be worth the drive this weekend

You can catch "Pieces of Talent" along with a four other feature films this weekend at the Time Community Theater in Oshkosh.
You can catch "Pieces of Talent" along with four other features this weekend at the Time Community Theater in Oshkosh.

You can catch “Pieces of Talent” along with four other feature films this weekend at the Time Community Theater in Oshkosh.

Since 2010, the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival has featured indie horror throughout a full Saturday’s worth of programming. This year, the festival expands its selections across an entire weekend, and the lineup makes a $7 weekend-long pass look like a steal.

Feature-length films include two meta-commentaries on the genre. Pieces of Talent centers on a struggling actress who becomes the unwilling obsession of a crazed filmmaker. Those looking for homegrown horror can also see Appleton’s own Slasher Studios and Don’t Go To The Reunion, their ode to 80’s slashers which I reviewed earlier this year. In the film, Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield manipulate scary movie conventions into an insane final twist.

Jeremy Berg’s The Invoking takes a subtler approach to its scares in telling the moody, atmospheric story of a young woman who slowly rediscovers her past after inheriting the house of a family she never really knew. Winning several awards already this year, including audience favorite at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, The Invoking looks to be a definite highlight. The full list of horror features can be found on the horror festival’s official website.

The weekend also promises a slew of short films, with selections from as far as France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In the Spanish language short, Refugio 115survivors of the Spanish Civil War flee dark shadows as the city of Barcelona above is bombed by Nationalist airstrikes. Dubai filmmaker Faisai Hashmi combines mystery and urban legend in his short, Scrambledwhere a man awakes in his apartment and begins receiving strange letters.

If the entire weekend proves to be too long a commitment, the Oshkosh Horror Festival also offers single day passes for $5. The festivities begin tonight with a special 8:00p screening of Night of the Living Dead. There’s an added incentive to hanging with fellow horror fans in Oshkosh this evening, too. Tonight’s screening is on the house.

  • The Oshkosh Horror Film Festival is in its fourth year and runs all weekend at the Time Community Theater on 445 N. Main St. Tickets are available at the doors which open on both Saturday and Sunday at 10:30a.