It’s your patriotic duty to vote for anything but ‘The Princess Bride’ at Wheels and Reels

As recently dissected on the Arts Extract podcast, Madison has a slew of outdoor movies playing this summer, many of which are free. One series we neglected to discuss however is Wheels and Reels, a “bike-in” movie program that switches out automobiles for bicycles. (Thanks Madison Film Forum.)

Dubbed on its Facebook page as a celebration of “Madison’s loud and proud biking community,” Wheels and Reels offers cyclists food, music, and tents for shelter in addition to the main attraction, recreating the drive-in movie experience. Films are screened once a month in July, August and September.

The first screening sets its destination at Gunflint Trail Park in Fitchburg on July 18 and the series’ organizers have opened up the evening’s selection to a vote. Ladies and gentlemen, your choices are: Pitch Perfect, (500) Days of Summer, The Goonies, and The Princess Bride.

2012 a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect would at least make for a solid crowd-pleaser and encourage sing-a-longs, and (500) Days of Summer makes for a fascinating artifact of (Madison native) Marc Webb’s life before he was gobbled up whole by The Amazing Spider-Industrial Complex.

The Goonies, however, just played last month as part of Madison Parks’ Moonlight Movies, reason enough not to select an obvious and sort of offensive summer favorite. The real eyesore here though is criminally overrated Princess Bride, which is probably playing on TNT right now. Rob Reiner’s perfectly okay fantasy film currently leads the poll with 50% of total votes. The good news is that, at the time of this writing, only 18 people have voted. (The poll page also provides an email address to which you can send future suggestions.)

You can sync your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account or remain anonymous in your selection. But the poll closes at noon on July 4, so do the nation a favor and prevent middling 80s “classics” from monopolizing outdoor movies in Madison.