‘Screen: Righter’ armchair quarterbacks its way through Milwaukee’s 48 Hour Film Project

The audience favorite is more of the same whip smart production we’ve come to expect from T.C. DeWitt and co.

With the tongue-in-cheek tagline “You can screen write… or you can screen righter,” Screen: Righter knows exactly what audiences want — even if that runs contrary to everything audiences want. One of the contest favorites at the Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project which screened entries last week, the T.C. DeWitt-directed action farce pits DeWitt’s starry-eyed screenwriter against David Geisler’s overbearing producer. As a Jon Peters-like big shot, Geisler loves everything about the story treatment pitched to him, albeit with a few minor adjustments.

From perverting boilerplate romance (Candace Lauren Ostler, Anieya Walker) into a bloody showdown to turning one of its leads into a homicidal former circus clown (which, believe it or not, satisfies one of this year’s criteria), Screen: Righter matches the often ridiculous requirements of the 48 Hour Film Project with real-time edits and a sandboxy, animated style. It’s the kind of whip smart production we’ve come to expect from the likes of DeWitt and his team members.

Group A favorite Wading had yet to be posted at the time of publication, but a “Best Of” screening will take place on Thurs, Jul 14 at Milwaukee’s Downer Theatre. You can watch Screen: Righter in its entirety below: