What’s Playing, Madison?

David Gordon Green's "Prince Avalanche" kicks off the Cinematheque's Fall Calendar on Friday.
David Gordon Green's "Prince Avalanche" kicks off the Cinematheque's Fall Calendar on Friday.

David Gordon Green’s “Prince Avalanche” kicks off the Cinematheque’s Fall Calendar on Friday.


Prince Avalanche (7:00p — 4070 Vilas Hall)

Cinematheque’s Fall Premiere Showcase kicks off with a FREE exclusive screening of David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche, where Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch take a summer job painting all those yellow lines in the street — hey, someone’s got to do it. A remake of the Wisconsin Film Fest hit Either Way, this is the only screening Madison’s likely going to get.

All freakin’ weekend

In A World… (Sundance)

Don LaFontaine, the man credited with incorporating “In world…” into movie trailer voiceovers, passed away in 2008, but Lake Bell is determined to preserve his legacy with her feature-length directorial debut. Bell stars as a vocal coach encouraged by her revered voice actor dad (the always fantastic Fred Melamed) to follow in his footsteps. Co-stars Demetri Martin, Jeff Garlin, Ken Marino will all embark on an epic journey as one hero rises. And this time, it’s personal.

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (Sundance)

Before you catch this Southern period drama starring Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck and Ben Foster, check out Rob Thomas’ great interview with director David Lowery over at Madison Movie Blog.

The Grandmaster (AMC Star)

Even though “The Butcher of Weinstein” infamously cut up director Wong Kar-Wai’s sweeping epic for an American release, the story of legendary martial artist Yip Kai-man (the man who freaking taught Bruce Lee) should still be counted among this year’s must-see cinema.

One Direction: This Is Us (AMC Star, Point, Eastgate)

Morgan Spurlock moves from movies about unhealthy food to movies about unhealthy music. Actually, it’s the best-reviewed movie opening at the multiplex this week. But I suppose it makes sense that the boy band sensation behind “The Best Song Ever” would also make The Best Documentary Ever.

Getaway (AMC Star, Point, Eastgate)

Ethan Hawke stars as a former race car driver who “borrows” Selena Gomez’s car to rescue his kidnapped wife. That’s “borrow” in the colloquial sense, by the way. Like how Warners’ marketing department “borrowed” Reddit for a while.


Bob le flambeur (7:00p — 4070 Vilas Hall)

The first entry in Cinematheque’s Jean-Pierre Melville series, “Bob the Gambler” sees Roger Duchesne’s broke gangster gather a heist team to scam a casino. Unlike robbing the house blind, seeing this won’t cost you a damn thing.

Girl Walk // All Day (9:30p — Memorial Union Terrace)

Freshman director Jason Krupnick, with the help of dancer/bundle of joy Anne Marsen (from CBS’ The Good Wife) and mash-up artist Girl Talk’s album All Day, has produced an expressive, extemporaneous 90 minute music video in Girl Walk//All Day. FREE for all who come to get funky.


Space Jam (9:00p — Memorial Union Terrace)

Michael Jordan, who stars in this animated 90’s face-off between Warner Bros. cartoons and invading aliens, famously wore his North Carolina college ball shorts under his NBA pair each game for good luck. Very similar to how I wear the same pair of lucky college boxers every day.


The French Connection (1:20p, 7:10p — Sundance)

First it was Jaws, and now William Friedkin’s NYC cop thriller has come to Sundance in their ongoing “Classics” series. This is clearly a Roy Scheider conspiracy. That, or a complete coincidence.

The Fab Five (7:00p — Union South Marquee)

Jason Hehir’s ESPN documentary about the mini-dynasty of the Michigan Wolverines in the 90’s plays for free on Wednesday at the Union South Marquee. And if you’d like a ringing endorsement, our very own Sean Merrill wrote about The Fab Five.