Hey, Firmament Films made a 48 Hour Film Project in Charlotte

Candace Lauren Ostler and Alex Frew in 'Violet'

Right now, aspiring filmmakers and sadists alike have resigned themselves to the absence of sleep, exercise, and healthy nutrition all weekend as they are deep in the throes of churning out a short film in just two days. Yes, the 48 Hour Film Project is back in Madison, and you can catch the fruits of their labors this Wednesday, when entries are screened for an audience at Sundance Hilldale. Earlier this month however, Madison-Los Angeles production company Firmament Films made a film for Charlotte 48 Hour shenanigans, too. (They get around.)

Stephen (Alex Frew) likes his sister-in-law. Well, it depends on which one we’re talking about. Because in Violet, his in-law (Candace Lauren Ostler) is a secret agent with a habit of dragging him along on dangerous missions like saving the President’s daughter. While Violet’s taking out bad guys, Stephen’s stuck hanging from nooses and puking on the side of the road. So it’s little surprise that when Violet drops by for another one of her “visits,” Stephen is all too reluctant tag along.

Directed by Firmament Films’ T.C. DeWitt, Violet is an amusing little actioner. Taking home jury awards for Best Cinematography Choreography and Best Editing in the Charlotte competition, it’s another fine addition to the Madison/LA hybrid’s filmography, combining the troupe’s dependable chemistry with effortless comedic touches and (given the time constraints) great production value. It’s safe to say I’m a fan of Firmament — after all, they did kick off our LakeFrontRow Cinema series — and while they won’t be screening an entry at Madison’s 48 Hour Film Festival in any official capacity, several members are putting the finishing touches on their film right now as Team “Women’s Locker Room.” Because of course that’s their name.

You can watch Violet below: