Christmas movies and creepy computer people come back to Sundance

Robert Zemeckis’ “The Polar Express” kicks off a month of holiday movies that can only get better from there

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Dec 3: ‘Dostoevsky Behind Bars’ makes its way back to Madison

Madison’s Marc Kornblatt will present his Golden Badger winner in person at the Union South Marquee

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Cinematheque teases spring calendar at ‘Goodbye to Language’ benefit

Thursday’s Jean-Luc Godard film was preceded by hints at next year’s programming

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You can watch the Emmy-winning ‘Mysteries of the Driftless’ on YouTube

Rob Nelson and Madison’s Dan Bertalan explore the region’s ecological significance in just 26 minutes

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Nov 5: You’ve got to hand it to ‘The Strange Little Cat’s’ merkwürdige

Ramon Zürcher’s cold slice of life regularly features a little girl’s screams, which are completely hilarious

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Nov 8-9: It’s time for the Celtic Film Festival and a geography lesson or two

Because Brittany isn’t a name. It’s a region in France adjacent to the Celtic Sea and the English Channel

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